Internet suited for your business

You’ll find that business NBN plans are more capable of handling multiple employees online at the same time. Your business can benefit greatly from:

  • Uncontended bandwidth
  • Dedicated support teams
  • Security software
  • Backup Internet access via 4G
  • Static IP addresses (for remote workers and internal website/service hosting)

Do I need a business NBN plan?

Business Internet plans are designed for people who run and operate small businesses. You’re eligible for a business NBN plan so long as you have an ABN.

While getting an NBN plan designed for business purposes isn’t compulsory, having a well-supported, stable business NBN connection will help you to do the following:

  • Respond to clients faster
  • Conduct online meetings and collaborate more easily with remote workers/contractors
  • Access cloud services seamlessly
  • Quickly resolve Internet problems that affect your business

While you’re able to use a residential service for your small business, you might find features like priority support and fast response times helpful and worth the extra cost.

Fibre Internet & SD-WAN

If your business operations require greater bandwidth, or mission-critical uptime dependency, chat to us about fibre internet services and SD-WAN connectivity installed directly to your premises. Boasting high bandwidth, ultra low latency, and seamless Internet failover capability, our Internet upgrade options cater for even the largest business requirements.